Friend makes plea for family in need



My daughter Joy Bullington’s very close friend since kindergarten, Trixie Wofford, lost her father, Jack Wofford, last week from a sudden unexpected heart attack. He died at the young age of 51, leaving behind a loving wife, Peggy Wofford, and his daughter who is a junior at Chattahoochee High School.

When the economy got rough, Jack lost his job as a restaurant manager when the restaurant closed. He got temporary management jobs in other locations, then his career changed from full-time manager (high paying) to part-time multiple restaurant supervision jobs (hourly, low paying).

He was working as much as 100 hours a week in order to keep their home and feed the family. Two weeks before Jack lost his last management position, Peggy had an accident in the kitchen and shattered her foot.

Before the accident, Peggy worked for years at the local Ace Hardware that was on the corner of Jones Bridge and State Bridge and was friendly to every shopper. So many people in the community knew and still know Miss Peggy.

Since the injury, Peggy has developed some serious health problems and is not able to work at all.

Peggy was a Girl Scout troop leader and involved in Girl Scouts for 10 years and was an absolute gift to the Girl Scouts.

The Wofford family almost lost their house many times, but has been able to hang on to it through hard work and determination.

Given their financial difficulties and Peggy’s illness, they were always finding ways to cut costs; and so Jack even stopped paying for his life insurance a couple of years back.

Therefore, besides losing a loving/caring husband and father, Peggy and Trixie Wofford are in a scary financial crisis.

We don’t want Trixie to quit school and start working full-time to try to pay bills, and we don’t want one of the original Johns Creek families to go homeless and possibly have to split up. Therefore, a memorial trust fund was set up for donations for Peggy and Trixie Wofford in order to keep them from becoming homeless and so Trixie can stay in school.

Please open your heart and donate (even if it is just $5) to the Jack Wofford Memorial Fund at SunTrust Bank.

Contact the trustee Robert A. Haynes at Jim ’N Nick’s BBQ at 678-630-2821 for information on how to make a donation.

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