Freezing rain, sleet possible Friday



There is a possibility of freezing rain and sleet in the early morning hours Friday in the Metro Atlanta area and throughout North Georgia. This precipitation could result in ice accumulating on elevated roadway surfaces and bridges.

If such conditions materialize, Georgia Department of Transportation crews will be out in force to pre-treat and treat roadways with brine and a salt and gravel mixture.

The Department urges motorists to call 511 or consult before traveling.

“Please check conditions in your area and the area to which you are traveling before you leave tomorrow morning,” Georgia DOT Commissioner Keith Golden requested. “Icing is often difficult to detect and can refreeze within minutes after it is treated. The Department will do all within its power to clear roadways as quickly as possible. If you can, postpone leaving until after daybreak. That will give the Sun an opportunity to assist in melting the ice and will provide you much better visibility of any possible trouble spots.”

Motorists are urged to:

Slow down and stay behind the spreading equipment. The road behind the truck will be the safest place to drive. Allow at least ten car lengths between your vehicle and hopper spreaders.

Be particularly aware of black ice conditions on surfaces such as bridge decks and entrance and exit ramps.

Remember that technology helps, but only to a point. Four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and traction control are beneficial advancements in today's vehicles, but do not take the place of good driving habits and the need to reduce speed on icy roads.

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