Free tree saplings available at Milton City Hall

Potted trees can be picked up for Earth Day festivities



MILTON, Ga. – Free white oak, sweet crabapple and eastern cedar tree saplings donated by the National Wildlife Federation are now available at Milton’s City Hall for residents and community groups to celebrate Earth Day.

The potted trees, meant to attract wildlife to the city of Milton, are available outside Milton’s City Hall Community Development and Public Safety entrance, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 107F.

Instructions for planting the trees are available inside City Hall.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, trees:

• improve air quality, absorbing pollutants and filtering contaminants from the air.

• improve water quality, reduce flooding and erosion and slow evaporation through stabilizing stream beds and filtering water through leaves.

• help reduce energy costs for homes by providing shade in the summer, reducing air conditioning costs and acting as wind breaks in the winter.

• improve health by providing a calm and relaxing environment and help add to an overall sense of well-being.

• are a visible sign of a commitment to improving green space and community aesthetics.

“Planting a tree is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day and connect with our planet,” said Mark Law, Milton’s arborist. “So why not stop by and pick one up so you can help make Milton a more beautiful place to live?”

MH 04-30-14

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