Four doctors in Alpharetta gear up for back-to-school ailments

Third North Atlanta Urgent Care location opens in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The owner-doctors of North Atlanta Urgent Care (NAUC) say that sports injuries, poison ivy, lacerations, fractures and sprains are among the top ailments that bring patients into their offices during the summer months.

However, NAUC lists sleep and exercise as two useful tools students can use to stay healthy once the school year begins.

NAUC is owned by Dr. Anthony Ferrara, Dr. Andy Van Horn and Dr. Raul Rodon.

The three got together to open their first urgent care facility in Atlanta in August of 2008.

Since then, they have established two more centers, with the latest opening July 23 at 2701 Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta.

“The first obstacle we faced was finding the right partner to bring into the North Atlanta Urgent Care family,” Van Horn said. “We knew that we needed to find a great person, an outstanding physician and someone that we knew would go the extra mile for their patients.”

The new Holcomb Bridge clinic was opened along with Dr. Nicole Carbonell, another emergency room doctor, who had worked with Van Horn in the past.

“As far as the mom in me is concerned, I know in my heart that everyone I treat is ‘somebody’s baby,’” Carbonell said.

Around the beginning of the school year, NAUC begins to see a large number of middle and high school athletes for sports physicals.

After August, the offices usually see a spike in patients with typical colds and sore throats. Ferrara said this may happen because germs are spread easily in the school environment.

“Students don’t usually do a good job of keeping their hands clean, and every desk and door handle has germs on them constantly,” Ferrara said. “It’s impossible to keep them clean all day long.”

Frequent hand washing and covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze are his recommendations for preventing the spread of illness.

In addition to avoiding germs, students sometimes need help finding ways to stay alert during the school day. NAUC recommends at least eight hours of sleep and exercise as the first steps toward building energy.

Van Horn says a student’s eating habits can also be the key to their success.

“Eating breakfast is very important - high protein in the mornings, staying well-hydrated with water and natural juices throughout the day will keep you more alert,” Van Horn said.

NAUC Alpharetta has four doctors on rotation; a medical assistant and several office staff members.

The facility is open seven days per week and is equipped to handle all minor non-life-threatening emergencies.

“Whenever someone has an urgent medical need, he or she should come see us when they can,” Ferrara said. “We are all ER doctors, so we are used to assessing, diagnosing and treating people quickly.”

For more, visit or call 770-998-7611.

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