Found with counterfeit Social Security cards

Man charged with forgery



CUMMING, Ga. — A man pulled over for a routine traffic stop was in possession of fake Social Security cards, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident report.

Deputies pulled over Noe Hernandez-Mendez, 28, of Cumming, by the intersection of Settingdown Road and Church Road. Hernandez handed deputies an invalid Washington state driver’s license.

After getting permission to search him, deputies found a bottle of eye drops, a lighter and a pair of women’s panties in his vest pocket.

Deputies also found two Social Security cards in the center console of the car. The man said they belonged to his friends.

The numbers were not on file and were determined to be fakes.

Hernandez was charged with forgery, a felony, and driving without a valid license, a misdemeanor. He was taken to Forsyth County Detention Center.

FH 03-19-14

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