Forsyth woman victim of Forsyth County Courthouse jury scam



CUMMING, Ga. — A man called a woman and said if she did not pay $2,000 for a missed federal jury summons, she would be sent to jail, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident report.

A woman in the 6000 block of Hendrix Road told deputies a man who identified himself as “Tom Wilson from the Forsyth County Courthouse” called her Sept. 26.

He told her she had missed a federal jury summons and had a warrant for her arrest.

He said she had three hours to settle the warrant by paying a $2,000 fine.

If she did not, then he would send Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputies to her house and take her to jail where she would remain until her Oct. 23 court date.

He said she could only pay with a debit card or a Green Dot card, and could not hang up the phone until the money was sent.

She said she went to two banks to transfer money and then to a convenience store to buy four Green Dot cards. All the while, he stayed on the phone with her.

He said she could not tell anyone who she was on the phone with and that she needed to drive carefully.

He said if she were pulled over, she would get arrested for the warrant.

After she read the numbers off from the back of the Green Dot cards, he said she had to report to him the next day.

She called her family once she got off the phone with the caller and they said she had been scammed.

The woman told deputies she had been struggling financially after her husband passed away and she suffered a broken leg.

She said she was terrified and believed if she was arrested that she would lose everything.

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