Forsyth schools launch virtual world



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth County School System has set up a digital project to spark creativity in a virtual environment.

The New Opportunities for Better Learning Environments (NOBLE) program is a partnership between the technology services department and the academics and accountability department to create the virtual three-dimensional environment.

Students will be able to interact outside of the common classroom.

The program offers a secure environment of learning that only students and teachers in county schools can access.

Students can still take advantage of technology without the possibility of malevolent activity.

Each student and teacher will be given an online persona (avatars) to customize as imaginatively as they choose.

In addition to creating themselves, the students will be given access to tools to create objects in the world.

From building virtual cars to castles, students will be able to use their imagination to interact and learn from NOBLE.

Five schools are currently using NOBLE, but all 35 of Forsyth County’s schools could see implementation of the 3D world in the near future.

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