Forsyth named top sprawled-out county in metro Atlanta



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Forsyth County is one of the most sprawled-out counties in metro Atlanta, according to the new “Measuring Sprawl 2014” study released last week by Smart Growth America.

The study measured which communities in the U.S. are more compact and connected and which are more sprawling. It found that metro Atlanta as a whole was the most sprawling large metropolitan area in the U.S.

Among metro Atlanta’s counties, Forsyth County ranked 15th on the Sprawl Index Score.

The study looked at factors such as development density, land use mix, activity centering and street accessibility to determine the scores.

Connected areas are more likely to have a variety of transportation options available, such as transit, biking and walking, while residents of more sprawled-out areas are typically more reliant on cars.

FH 05-07-14

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