Forsyth County motivational speaker, author aims to inspire

Roberts relates to students in hardship situations, helps to change lives



CUMMING, Ga. — A local author credits motivational speakers for helping her turn her once troubled early life around. She wants to help motivate others before it’s too late.

Christine M. Roberts, the Mentor Me North Georgia 2012 “Mentor of the Year” recipient, spoke to a classroom of about 30 female students at Forsyth Central High School on Dec. 19.

Students were chosen because of their personal hardship and backgrounds.

“Regardless of what happens to you, you can choose to be powerful or let it ruin your life,” Roberts said. “It’s all what you focus on.”

Roberts said it was her calling that led her to shelve her corporate manager position to focus on motivational speaking to inspire youth.

Roberts’s kinship to challenge young people comes from her dysfunctional upbringing, she said.

Her past included living out of her car and an alcoholic father, events she shared with the students. This is a way for her to relate to the students’ lives.

“All of those things that have happened to me. I’m thankful because I’m stronger and wiser and I can hopefully positively influence other people and younger people,” Roberts said.

Roberts, who wrote the book “Inspirational Mind Food,” said during her childhood years, a teacher, who lived near her dilapidated family home in Rochester, N.Y., was pivotal in changing her life.

The teacher was simply a friend she could comfortably talk to while living in turmoil, where she said she was mentally and physically abused.

“That’s what motivates me,” Roberts said. “That just makes such a big difference. All these girls, I just see myself.”

The mother of two advocates the truth that you can’t expect different results without changing personal method.

She encourages the community, not only young people, to get on the right path toward their dreams and not let life’s disappointments be a discouragement.

Roberts said she understands how easy it is for someone to speak in front of a group of students; however, she knows it goes a long way when those students can empathize with the speaker.

“As human beings, the No.1 thing we want is to feel appreciated and validated,” Roberts said. “I genuinely care and I’m interested in all the girls. I just want them succeed and choose the right path.”

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