Forsyth Central awarded $2K in ‘Kicks for Schools’ promotion



CUMMING, Ga. — Georgia United Credit Union announced that Forsyth Central High School is the second Forsyth County school to win $2,000 in this season’s “Kicks for Schools” football promotion. (Lambert, South and West are also on the schedule for later this fall and North Forsyth won $2,000 last weekend.)

All high schools in Forsyth County have been invited to participate in a halftime field goal event to win money for their respective booster clubs.

Georgia United sponsors “Kicks for Schools” during football season to allow Forsyth County home teams the opportunity to “kick to win” money for their school. Forsyth Central High School wisely selected senior Anel Ramic, a member of the Bulldogs football team, as their designated kicker.

The kicker is given four tries to kick a field goal from the 5 yard line, 10 yard line and two 20-yard kicks. Each distance has a corresponding monetary value. The kicker can either kick three times from one distance or progress sequentially.

The maximum amount that the kicker can earn from their three kicks is $1,000.

After the student’s third attempt, regardless of whether he has made a field goal from any distance, he gets a chance to kick the “Money Ball.”

If the kicker missed all three of the initial field goal attempts, the ball is placed on the 5 yard line.

If he makes the money ball kick, he gets $250. If the kicker makes a field goal on any of the first three tries, the money ball kick takes place from the furthest distance.

If he makes the kick, Georgia United doubles the contribution to the school (maximum payout per school is $2,000, which is the amount Forsyth Central won).

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