Forger faints when confronted in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A suspected forger fainted April 12 when he was confronted by police.

The suspect, Thomas Baki King, 35, of Atlanta, allegedly tried to buy goods at the Best Buy on North Point Drive. Store employees called police.

When officers arrived, they confronted King, who handed them what the police report calls a “very obvious fake paper state identification card.”

This card had the identity of another man from Marietta. This name matched the fake check King was trying to pass.

King was handcuffed for obstruction using a fake identity. He fainted as the cuffs were put on him. Police found his real identity by running his fingerprints through a database. Police found a U-Haul truck key on King and another fake check made out to Macy’s department store.

There were two incidents earlier in the day at the Macy’s and Champ’s stores of fake checks used and the suspect drove a U-Haul truck.

A search of the Best Buy parking lot turned up King’s U-Haul. Inside were Macy’s and Champ’s store bags with purchases.

King was arrested for several counts of fraud and fourth-degree forgery.

MH 04-23-14

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