Forger caught with multiple stolen IDs



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Several people throughout the country learned the hard way that their identities were stolen when a woman was arrested in Alpharetta with credit cards she opened in their names.

On Sept. 18, employees of the Navy Federal Credit Union on Crabapple Road said a woman walked into the branch and asked to take out a $28,000 car loan. She handed employees two forms of identification – a United States Air Force military ID and a Maryland driver’s license.

The license was for an “Audrina Leann Paige” and the military ID was clearly forged, bank officials said.

The reporting police officer confirmed the ID was clearly a fake. “Paige” denied it was fake, however a search of her purse allegedly turned up a Georgia license for a Tracy Nicole Brown, 28, of Conyers. Brown has multiple warrants for her arrest from Rockdale, Cherokee, DeKalb and Cobb counties for forgery and illegal use of credit cards.

It was also determined the Social Security number allegedly used by Brown to try an open the loan belonged to a woman in Alabama. She had in her purse several credit cards and store cards for different people and the car she rented was in yet another person’s name.

Brown was arrested for forgery, computer forgery, identity fraud and outstanding warrants.

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