Flu battle continues for many people



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga.— If this year you’re the sickest you’ve ever been, you’re not alone.

That’s if you’ve already succumbed to the powers of influenza, a.k.a. the flu.

The 2012-2013 flu season started five weeks earlier than usual and activity remains intense in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and social media accounts.

So far, about 20 children have died from flu-related symptoms, and about 2,260 people were hospitalized.

The CDC reports that on average about 100 children die in flu season, so it’s unclear how this season will compare. On average, 24,000 Americans die each flu season.

The flu season kicked into high gear soon after Thanksgiving. But it will be difficult to compare this flu season with past ones because this started about a month earlier.

Health officials continue to ask people to get the flu vaccine.

For Cheryl Silvers, of Cumming, who caught the flu three weeks ago, her symptoms continue to linger.

“My son and I both have had the flu this season,” she said.

Her 13 year-old son had it for a week, but after three days sleeping, he’s recovered.

Doris Dickens, of Cumming, was on the eighth day of the flu and on her last day taking prescription Tamiflu when she spoke with the Forsyth Herald.

“Needless to say, myself and my two boys (13 and 12) got the flu shots last Friday,” she said on our Facebook page.

Registered Nurse Marnell Ginsburg, of Atlanta, didn’t get the vaccine this year and she caught the flu.

She was hospitalized for three days and two nights.

The symptoms began with a sore throat, a little coughing, a horrible headache and lower back pain.

“It lasted seven days during my vacation from work,” she said.

Visit google.org/flutrends to see how intense the flu is this year in the U.S. and visit cdc.gov for tips on preventing the flu and where to get the vaccine.

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