Finding love in a not-so-special way



WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Romance can find us in the strangest of situations.

This could not be truer for Charles and Molly Lewis, of Giving Care Education Center.

This couple’s unique story began on a not-so-special day when Molly, a certified in-home nurse, called her local fire department for assistance with one of her nursing patients.

Charles Lewis answered her call.

“When I went to hand her that piece of paper and our hands touched,” Charles recalled, “I knew something big had happened.”

Ever since their seemingly fateful meeting, Charles and Molly have worked together in their “Labor of Love.” The couple runs Giving Care with their daughter and, together, the close-knit family teaches everything from patient simulation to fire safety.

Charles and Molly love working together every day.

“It’s great to have someone be a part of what you do in day-to-day life,” Charles said.

Molly most definitely agrees.

“We are like a pretzel, very twined together,” Molly said. “We can’t go two hours without texting each other.”

As a couple, Charles and Molly share the same dream; both caregivers wish to expand their business to include their very own nursing home.

The couple strives to mold each student into being the most empathetic caregiver they can be.

“We love our students,” Molly said. “We love our school. We want to change healthcare.”

Charles and Molly got married at their Giving Care business on Dec. 12, 2012.

The service was an intimate one and consisted of 25 guests. They live together in Canton where they raise peacocks and their pet chicken.

Charles and Molly continue to teach daily and say they could not be happier.

“After all,” Molly said, “he is the perfect husband, and I could not ask for a better partner.”

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