Find thousands of dollars, gold and do the human thing



What would you do if you found a box in the middle of the road with thousands in cash and more than 30 gold coins?

That’s exactly what happened on Oct. 14 in Roswell. (READ IT HERE).

With mounting bills, dreams of a vacation and people who need help, stumbling upon that much money, in the street, is almost unthinkable. What to do?

In the wrong hands, it could really hurt the one who lost it. But in the right hands, it could make someone’s day. And if you believe in Karma – you know, the law of what comes around goes around – then you just got some good Karma points.

Two men were driving about 2 p.m. when they saw the box at the intersection of Shallowford and Jones Road in Roswell, a police report said.

Both drivers stopped to pick up the box.

They opened the box and discovered cash and gold coins.

The men could have done anything with that box. They could have split the money and gold and gone their separate ways.

But they did what human beings do — they took the box to a nearby fire station.

Then they called 911 to report the large sum and they went home to tell their family and friends what a crazy day they just had.

The cash, wrapped in purple and gold bands, all hundred dollar bills totaled more than $10K and less than $20K. We are not reporting the exact amount because the owner has yet to come forward to claim it and police don’t want an influx of opportunists coming forward.

The bottom of this mystery black box had two magnets attached, which created more questions. Could this have belonged to a drug lord?

Police investigators told this newspaper that same day, a coin show was held in Marietta.

Now police are waiting for the owner to step up. If they don’t within 90 days, the finders will get to keep it.

And I’ll keep you posted on whether or not anyone claims this.

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