Film Atlanta establishes classes in Roswell

Atlanta group opens north branch at Chrysalis



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – When the Hunger Games film series is filmed in Georgia, it brings actors, crews, directors and hundreds of local jobs with it. The same is true for other Hollywood or New York films that come South, and Georgia has offered deep tax breaks to entice the industry. It is a $3 billion industry in the state.

Unfortunately, much of that industry is still housed outside of Georgia. Much of the pre- and post-production work is still done in Hollywood.

But why should that be, asks Tyler Owenby, of Film Atlanta.

Film Atlanta is a collection of emerging and established film industry professionals seeking to make a name for themselves as well as Georgia as a state to house the entire film industry, not just locations.

“Our goal is to stop importing talent both in front and in back of the camera,” Owenby said.

Part of this importation of talent is a lack of knowledge and skills locally to fit the bill. Owenby and those at Film Atlanta want to stop this.

As a way to help combat this lack of skills or knowledge, Film Atlanta has created schools both south of Atlanta and north. The north classrooms are at Roswell’s own Chrysalis Experiential Academy.

Chrysalis will provide meeting space and classroom space for those interested in learning more about the film and entertainment industry. Their professionals will teach others the trade. As part of the deal, Chrysalis Director Richard Becker said the students will also be able to take part during the school day.

“Lots of our kids are actors, musicians and artists,” said Becker. “What a wonderful opportunity for our kids to be included and integrated into real classes with working actors and crews.”

Owenby said it was a good way not only to train older students, but also train a new generation of entertainers.

“What’s wonderful about Chrysalis is it fosters learning and creativity from a very young age and a spirit of collaboration,” Owenby said. “There is no industry more collaborative than the film industry.”

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