Fifth-graders ‘stand up’ for Gettysburg Address



ROSWELL, Ga. – Students in Jennifer Roth’s fifth-grade classes at River Eves Elementary School concluded a segment Sept. 7 on the Civil War in social studies with a special presentation of President Abraham Lincoln’s carefully crafted speech, the Gettysburg Address.

After a creative recitation of the speech highlighting a new birth of freedom and the hope of true equality for all citizens, students went one step beyond to apply what they learned by “standing up” for their own beliefs. Each student proclaimed a belief important to them and ones that, in many cases, were insightful and poignant for 10-year-olds. Students stood up against bullying, racism, drugs, poaching, animal abuse and child abuse while maintaining constitutional rights and protecting endangered species.

“I am so proud of all of my students and honored to get to know each of them better as individuals through this project,” Roth said, inspired by learning the Gettysburg Address herself when she was in fifth grade and by the popular song “Stand Up” by the band Sugarland.

Parents were invited to attend the event at the school.

“We’re really impressed by activities like this,” said one parent. “It’s gratifying to see how much our students have learned not only about our country and history, but about how to apply it to our world today.”

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