Fellowship Christian School service day



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – On Thursday, Oct. 31, Fellowship Christian School students joined in the movement to end world hunger through their service at the Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event on the school campus. FCS’ partnership with Stop Hunger Now to help end world hunger and feed hungry children in third world countries was a huge success. Kindergarten through 12th-grade students raised more than $29,000 in fewer than 30 days and packed more than 60,000 meals. The high school gym was transformed into a center where students weighed, packaged and prepared the meals for shipment.

“Our gymnasium was transformed into a highly efficient food processing center, enabling every one of our students to prepare individually packaged meals consisting of a special blend of fortified rice and soy grains,” said Head of School Kathy Teston. “These meals will be delivered to child development centers, orphanages and medical clinics around the world – bringing much-needed nutrients and warm smiles as these children discover they are loved by other children miles away.”

All through the day, students came to the gym in shifts, the youngest students first and the high school students in the afternoon. When each class came into the gym, they donned hairnets and gloves and were instructed to go to particular stations; packers filled the bags at the funnel table, runners delivered the meal bag, measurers checked for accuracy, sealers closed and sealed each bag, inspectors made sure the bags were properly sealed and counted for boxing and boxers placed the bags of meals in boxes and taped them up for shipment. For lunch, FCS students were able to sample a small portion of the meal they packed.

The Fellowship senior class set up early in the morning, served all four shifts of students and then packed up and cleaned the gym.

“Thank you to everyone including the seniors for an incredible experience,” said fifth-grade teacher Christy Goar. “The fifth-graders are already asking if we can do it again next year. We watched a video prior to going to pack showing the students who they were blessing. Many of them even prayed over the bags/scoops as they were made. Your hard work is reaping great reward.”

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