Federal shutdown causes minor inconvenience

Milton largely unaffected by Washington



MILTON, Ga. – The shutdown of the federal government could have impacted the city, but because of planning, it’s business as usual.

“The city of Milton has not felt the serious effects of the federal government shutdown,” said Communications Manager Jason Wright.

He said there were two possible issues, but only one is a minor concern.

Because some road projects are federally funded, Wright said there was the possibility of delay, but so far it’s been a non-issue.

“The dollars for our federally funded road projects were dispersed to the Georgia Department of Transportation well before the shutdown, so they have not been affected to our knowledge,” he said.

Wright said the only effect so far involved E-Verify, the federal program that checks immigration status and work eligibility.

The state requires companies contracted with the city to use the program, but since Milton changed providers for their employee health savings accounts effective Oct. 1, the Michigan vendor had to use the system.

Wright said that because of the shutdown, the system was unavailable.

“But that is far from a serious issue, and it is certainly one that residents would not experience,” Wright said.

He said it’s unlikely the residents will feel the impact of the federal shutdown from a local government standpoint.

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