Fashionable Firearms: Roswell woman develops line of purses to carry concealed weapons



ROSWELL, Ga. — Leslie Deets saw a need for a line of high-end concealed carry handbags.

She has filled that need with her company — Concealed Carrie.

Deets is the owner and designer of her own handbag company. She is also a partner along with her husband and her father at SharpShooters USA, an indoor tactical shooting range located in Roswell.

“I decided to take classes to become more familiar with the guns we sell, and during those classes I realized the options available for a woman to carry a concealed weapon were neither efficient nor attractive,” Deets said.

Deets took her architecturally trained mind and combined it with her fashion sense to develop designer-style handbags with specific pockets to hold concealed weapons.

“I wanted to create something feminine, something pretty,” she said. “Women were coming in to the class with guns strapped to them and that’s uncomfortable.”

In November 2012, the purse designer opened Concealed Carrie, and she’s surprised at its instant success.

Since opening, the company has sold about 400 bags. Some of the styles include all-leather ostrich print, smooth rich computer carry-all, leather crocodile printed hobo, smooth leather totes and distressed brown leather satchel. Prices vary from $249 to $299.

“Right now, we have over three dozen dealers across the country, some stores and some e-commerce companies,” she said.

Deets believes part of the company’s success is due to the recent attention to gun control. “The current debate certainly hasn’t hurt us,” Deets said. “We don’t have a store, but we do sell many purses off our website.”

Based on the positive reception, Deets is currently developing active wear and jackets for times when a woman wants to carry protection, but not a purse.

“Straps are designed for men, and don’t fit right on a woman’s body,” she said. “I’m working on a few different lines that are attractive and will allow women easy access to their weapon, if necessary.”

A runner, Deets believes her coming athletic line will be popular.

“Women can’t easily grab a gun at their ankle,” she said, “and the way a pocket rests on a woman’s chest doesn’t allow for a gun.”

The bags are designed with seasons in mind, and Deets plans to add additional styles.

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