Farmer’s Market proves successful so far

Boasts crowds of more than 1,000



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Still looking for a family-friendly way to kickoff the summer weekends? Check out the Johns Creek Farmer’s Market, held every Saturday morning from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Newtown Park, and your prolonged search may finally be over.

After a successful initial run last summer, the Johns Creek Farmer’s Market debuted June 2 of this year with an estimated attendance of more than 900. According to Johns Creek’s Recreation Manager Kirk Franz, it has since grown in popularity and currently averages an attendance of well over 1,000 visitors.

“It seems to be a destination that people enjoy going to,” said Doug Nurse, communications manager for the city of Johns Creek.

Franz noted that several improvements have been made to the market this summer, including weekly chef demonstrations and live music from local artists.

“It helps with the atmosphere,” he said.

The city has also come up with various themes for the weekly affair, including a salsa day that highlighted the salsa vendors and featured salsa music, and a patriotic day that incorporated cupcake decorating.

The Johns Creek Farmer’s Market has not only seen increased crowds recently, but also additional room and demand for vendors, Franz said. Space was limited to 28 vendors last year, but this year there are generally 32 at each market.

Preliminary discussions are currently under way about possibly expanding the number of vendors for next summer, said Franz. However, the city is trying to screen vendors to ensure that produce and foods are made by the vendors themselves and are not being resold.

“We want to keep everything fresh and local,” he said.

Despite the record high temperatures the city’s been experiencing lately, the crowds at the market have remained close to 1,000 each week. If you’re looking to beat the heat, Franz recommends coming to the market early. You’ll also get your best pick of the produce that way, he said.

The Johns Creek Farmer’s Market features fresh produce and vegetables, farm-fresh eggs, homemade crepes, tamales and breads, organic dog-treats and other fresh foods and goods. It will be open to the public until Sept. 8.

If you’re still struggling about how to spend your Saturday mornings, why not take a stroll through the Johns Creek Farmer’s Market?

“We provide a really good alternative to local produce,” Franz said. “None of our produce is resold. It’s all local and all fresh.”

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