Fall daze leaves North Fulton in high spirits



I always thought of fall as a time of shutting down. The summer is over, pools are closed and baseball is done except for the World Series.

What would I do without football, I wondered? Well then I looked at the calendar and saw that Oct. 1 was chock-a-block full of things to do.

In Roswell, the day started with the Frances McGahee Youth Day Parade, which involves just about the whole town. If kids were not on a float, or trailing along behind one, or marching in a band, then they were sitting on the curb, candy bag opened wide.

Just as an aside, I have never seen so much candy, even on Halloween. In some respects, this is much better than Halloween. On Oct. 31 you have to dress up and go door to door to get your goodies. At the Youth Day Parade, they drive right by you and offload a pound of candy at a time.

Over in Alpharetta, they were handing out awards for the city’s Scarecrow Harvest Festival, which meant even more kids were involved. I think every student’s class submitted one for public display. Now the children were back to see if their scarecrow won the grand prize.

Down at the Milton Log Cabin, the Alpharetta Historical Society was conducting tours showing how the first residents of Alpharetta lived. Even the Alpharetta Farmers Market had a vegetable treasure hunt, whatever that was.

Meanwhile, just as the Youth Day Parade was ending, the Roswell Masonic Lodge was opening up for its annual barbecue lunch and take-out. The professional pork emporiums must be glad the Freemasons only make it once a year, otherwise they would be out of business.

There is something to be said for quality, and others admire quantity. Those poor Masons can’t make up their minds, so they just give you both. And if that wasn’t enough, the Order of the Eastern Star’s baked goods were more than enough to finish you off.

It took a little time to recover, so I put in some quality Bulldog time and watched the Mississippi State game before rejoining the festivities.

Of course, that weekend was the annual Crabapple Antiques Festival, which started a gazillion years ago and was really what put Crabapple on the map. A trip to the Crabapple Festival is like walking through a museum of American History, only if you really love something, you can take it home with you.

The unquestioned highlight of the weekend for me was the inaugural Alpharetta Brew Moon Fest Saturday night. It was an old-fashioned block party with a great retro band called Old School that once again reminded me that there has been no decent popular music written after 1980.

That was followed up by a smokin’ hot jam session by Banks and Shane. That’s the duo of Banks Burgess and Paul Shane. Why they weren’t called Burgess and Paul, I don’t know. But I’ve lived in and around Atlanta for more than 30 years, and I can say this:

If there is one band that “speaks” for all of us, it is Banks and Shane. And Saturday night, they had their bright lights on and the engine in fourth gear. It was rockin’.

What a day in North Fulton. If you didn’t get out to at least one event that Saturday, pardner, you need a new wheelchair.

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