Fall cleaning for IT and backup systems is serious business



If you own a business, or help to run one, leave spring cleaning for the house for April. When it comes to IT and Backup and Disaster Recovery systems and protecting your business’ data, however, every season is a good season for a full scale check-up.

As a business owner or manager of a business’ administrative systems, you may think everything is just fine; after all, the system hasn't been down for as long as you can remember and there seems to be very few, if any, hiccups in day-to-day operations. That’s great, now the mission is to keep it that way through regular maintenance and check-ups. A few things to consider:

• Is your system being monitored 24/7/365 days a year? It should be.

• Are you using tape to back up your precious data? You shouldn't be. What are the options?

• Are you overspending on services like the Cloud, or hurting yourself by not going to the Cloud? It’s the hottest thing in IT, but not every business needs this. What makes good business sense?

• Are you compliant with all regulations such as HIPPA, HITECH, and SOX? Are you sure?

Whether you are experiencing issues with your IT systems, or feel they are running efficiently, it is always a good idea to have them looked over at least twice a year. Doing so can prevent disaster such as complete loss of data, falling out of industry compliance, or a complete shutdown of your business in the future.

Giving your IT and Data Backup systems a complete check-up does not have to be a complete headache.

Make time to sit down with your IT or administrative professional to explain the need, the importance, and to set a deadline for having this completed. If possible, consider bringing aboard a third party who is fully knowledgeable about the latest IT and Data Backup systems to look at your systems.

It does not take a thorough, time-intensive look at your systems to determine where inefficiencies may exist. Often, this check-up can be completed by simply sitting down and discussing your business needs with a qualified IT specialist and a simple print-out detailing and diagramming your IT and Data Backup systems. The cost of these sessions are usually very affordable and in many cases, free.

Who thought “cleaning” could be this easy? It IS easy, but it’s also important, and must be done correctly. Once completed, you can continue running your business with more confidence more efficiency than ever – and the bottom line will show it.

Dan Boon is a sales executive for A to Z Information Services in Norcross, GA. A to Z provides free consulting and IT Management Services to Phone Systems to Cloud and Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems to clients throughout Atlanta and Georgia. The company has twice been recognized by Computer Reseller News as a NextGen 250 company for quality products and services. To learn more, call Dan at 770-664-6559 (x112) or e-mail him at dan@atozis.com.

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