Fake ticket and warrant scam



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has had a number of reports of an ongoing phone scam.

The scammers are calling their victims and posing as law enforcement officers from various agencies. The victims are then told that they have a warrant out for their arrest for some kind of outstanding fine or citation.

The scammers will inform the victim to travel to a local store and purchase prepaid cards in various amounts and relay the card numbers.

While they are on the phone, they tell the victims that they are not allowed to disconnect.

The scammers are also using techniques that disguise their caller ID as local law enforcement numbers. There are many variations of this scam with different agencies across the state and country.

No law enforcement agency will ever call someone and ask for payment over the phone.

If something sounds suspicious, we recommend that you hang up and find a phone number in a phone book or online for that local agency.

Do not call the phone number that they provided.

The investigation has led us to suspects incarcerated in Georgia prisons. Attempts have been made to contact the wardens of these prisons to investigate further.

Call the sheriff’s office’s non-emergency number at 770-781-2222 to report a crime.

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