Fake cops calling residents in Milton



MILTON, Ga. – A Milton resident is a suspect in several phone calls of people claiming to be police officers.

A man reported to police Nov. 22 that he was called from a local number the day before with the callers – a man and a woman – claiming to be Dunwoody Police officers. They claimed he was a suspect in a harassing communications report stemming from supposed membership in an adult website. The victim gave his full name, birthdate and Social Security number to the “officers.”

The victim later called Dunwoody Police, who advised the people he spoke with were not officers.

The number was called by police, and the phone was answered by a woman identifying herself as Dunwoody Police. She was identified as an “Annette Davis” of North Park Lane, Milton. A man, Orlando Caballeo, of Pine Vista Bluff, Alpharetta, was also implicated. Police are investigating.

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