Emotions run high in Forsyth County's District 3 County Commission race



CUMMING, Ga.—With early votes coming in and the election Tuesday, the race for Forsyth County District 3 Commissioner is getting tense.

Republican candidates Commissioner Todd Levent and David Hole claimed smear attempts to their campaign prior to Tuesday's election.

In his campaign Hole claims Levent flip-flopped on his promises to the community and Levent said his opponent used that in an attempt to gain votes for Tuesday's election.

"He posted a link on his Facebook campaign page stating for every $10 sent to the campaign, he'd send me a pair of flip flops," Levent said.

Hole said he posted the link to his Facebook campaign page to increase awareness of campaign issues.

"It wasn't an attempt to smear his campaign," Hole said. "I did it because it addresses an important fact about Mr. Levent's platform."

Hole has said Levent supports adding more apartment communities in the county.

"He claims I supported zoning for 534 apartments but I wasn't even a County Commissioner at that time," Levent said.

Levent said the zoning request is available through the county's website which verifies the request was in 2009 and he was elected in 2010 for the 2011-2014 term.

"In 2011, I voted to reduce the density and increase the size of the apartments to increase their value to the community,' Levent said. "But I wasn't involved in the initial vote regarding them."

Suddenly boxes filled with flip-flops started showing up at Levent's doorsteps.

But instead of getting upset, Levent flip-flopped into a positive.

"My wife thought we should hold a fundraiser with the flip flops and donate the proceeds to the Forsyth County Humane Society," Levent said.

Levent's wife, Dana, contacted the Humane Society, Jesse's House, Abba House and Whispering Hope and put together a plan for the flip-flops.

"We decided that people could either donate money and take a pair of the flip-flops, with the money going to the Humane Society," she said. "Or instead of keeping the shoes, write an inspirational note for a pair to be donated to one of the women's charities."

Levent and supporters held the fundraiser on Saturday, May 17 at his local business, Midway Warehouse, 4820 Atlanta Highway in Cumming.

"We raised about $500," Levent said.

Hole said signs mocking him have spread throughout the county and thinks Levent's camp is responsible.

"It's a juvenile attempt to attack my campaign," he said. "They do nothing to represent the constituents in the district."

Levent said he was aware of the signs, but hasn't seen any and wasn't responsible for them.

Both candidates want to remind voters to go to the polls on Tuesday.

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