Electronic Recycling Collection



On April 20th, the Alpharetta Natural Resource Commission (ANRC) will host a free electronics recycling collection. All North Fulton residents are welcome.

“Electronics are now one of the largest and fastest growing categories of items in the waste-stream” says Terry Porter, Environmental Programs Coordinator for the City of Alpharetta. “E-cycling recycles precious metals and plastics, reduces material going to landfills and creates jobs.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans now own approximately 24 electronic products per household. With rapid advancements in technology, many of those electronics are quickly replaced; leaving toys, gadgets and machines stored in closets and basements or thrown in the trash where they can contaminate soil and groundwater with lead, mercury and cadmium.

In 2011, the U.S. electronics recycling industry processed 3 to 4 million tons of used and end-of-life electronics equipment; such as computers, printers, cell phones, VCRs, CD players, video cameras. To meet the growing demand for electronics recycling, the Alpharetta’s Natural Resource Commission has sponsored City-wide collections since 2004. With the help of local volunteers, the City has collected approximately half a million pounds of electronics that not only keep chemicals out of the environment, they can often be recycled to extract precious metals such as gold, copper, iron and aluminum. Harvesting saves finite natural resources and reduces pollution that would be generated in the manufacturing of new products.

“We’re happy to sponsor the electronics collections and recycling for the citizens of Alpharetta” says Deb Zemlock, Chairman of the ANRC. “Our goal is to give Alpharettans a simple way to drop off their electronics in one location and help keep the environment clean.”

The City of Alpharetta works with expert electronic recyclers to ensure the safe and secure handling of all electronics submitted to the recycling program.

For more information about the Alpharetta Natural Resources Commission’s Electronics Recycling Collection or other Commission activities, visit the City website at www.alpharetta.ga.us or “Like” the Alpharetta Natural Resources Commission Facebook page.

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