East Roswell library gets a name



ROSWELL, Ga. – It’s finally decided - the official name of the East Roswell library will be the East Roswell Library.

“It was easy to do after being overwhelmed by emails from people saying, ‘we’ve always called it that, why do we need to change?’ We said OK, fine,” said Lynn McIntyre, a member of the naming committee.

The committee was tasked with turning what was supposed to be a temporary placeholder of a name into a permanent one. They were instructed by the library commission to pick a name that puts the library on the map so people can easily find and identify it.

So East Roswell it is.

Another name considered was “Holcombe Glen,” named for A.W. Holcombe, an early settler of the area whose name adorns Holcomb Bridge Road and Holcomb Bridge Elementary School. The “glen” came from the forested surroundings of the library site.

The site was chosen by the library board after lobbying from Mayor Jere Wood and Eileen Seidman along with the People for the East Roswell Library (PEARLs) for a Roswell library east of Ga. 400. The city-owned land was donated to the library system to sweeten the deal.

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