Dual enrollment deal signed with Lanier Tech

Forsyth County students jumpstart their careers



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — High school students in the county will now be able to receive college credits from Lanier Tech.

Forsyth County School System Superintendent Dr. L. C. “Buster” Evans and Lanier Technical College President Dr. Ray Perren signed a dual enrollment agreement at a recent board of education meeting.

Dual enrollment is the process through which a high school student takes courses from a state public or private college while still enrolled as a high school student and receives credit both at the high school and at the college.

Through dual enrollment, high school students can have several college courses completed before high school graduation.

“Dual enrollment is at an all-time high,” said Evans. “Our administrators and counselors within the system continue to work with a real commitment to giving these opportunities to students.”

Lanier Tech is waiving some fees of about $150.

“For some students, that $150 could just as well have been $15,000,” Evans said. “We appreciate the waiving of those fees, and I have every expectation that as our kids have success there (dual enrollment), we will see more and more success.”

Perren said everyone wins in this scenario; the students earning college credits and high school credits concurrently, Lanier Tech College and the school district.

“We did waive fees in the portion of the tuition not covered by the HOPE grant, because we are trying to remove barriers that keep students from participating in dual enrollment,” Perren said. “We believe strongly in the program.”

Nancy Roche, vice chair, and other BOE board members attended including Ann Crow, Tom Cleveland and Kristin Morrissey.

Dr. Valery Hall, governance and career development coordinator, was also present at the signing event.

Lynn Jackson, member of the Board of Directors of Lanier Technical College, represented Lanier Tech College at the agreement ceremony, in addition to Dr. Joanne Tolleson, vice president of institutional effectiveness, and Donna Brinson, dean of the Forsyth campus along with Jeff Fitzpatrick, high school coordinator, and Dave Parish, director of marketing and public relations.

The move will allow dual enrollment students to study programs including nurse aide, welding and joining technology, design and media production technology, automotive technology services and general studies. Students interested in dual enrollment can see their guidance counselors for more details, or can visit www.laniertech.edu/dualenroll.

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