Drivers concerned over road rage on McGinnis Ferry Road



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Two conflicting stories confuse a case of road rage.

One caller told 911 that on Oct. 21, she was driving on McGinnis Ferry Road and turned westbound onto Sargent Road. When the road turned from two lanes into one, the caller said a car aggressively cut her off. Telling police she wanted to speak with the driver, she began following him and flashing her lights. The suspect car turned onto Barton Place and stopped. The caller also stopped and got out of her car to yell at the driver. The suspect car then drove again, turned around and the driver allegedly pointed a pistol at her and drove off.

At the same time, police received a call from a driver who said he was being followed by someone flashing their lights at him. Upon questioning the driver, police learned he did have a weapon; however he denied aiming it at anyone.

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