Dream big — All things are possible



In the beginning of each year, almost every small business owner tells themself that next year will be better.

Did you?

Aspiring for improved business results is in the DNA of most small business owners, many of which have gone through and survived many growing pains.

Successful small business owners are self-driven, highly aspirational and motivated by success. They also know how to Dream Big.

All things are possible, so why not Dream Big?

There are many well-known entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sir Richard Branson, Martha Stewart and Walt Disney who certainly had to have a big dream to do what they’ve done.

Why not you?

Remember that at one point, each of the aforementioned was a small business owner.

Statistics indicate that when you dream big, you achieve more than you ever thought you could. And that’s not only measured in dollars, but more so with the satisfaction of doing something that at one point you thought might be impossible. But now that you’re dreaming big, obstacles that were previously deterrents now become challenges. And with every challenge, you get more disciplined in figuring out how to overcome it.

Dreaming big changes your method of planning. Rather than thinking about just this year, you look well into the future and what you’d like that to look like. Short-term annual planning is important, but thinking just about this year and not about future years will downgrade your potential. Annual planning is done each year, so make sure that in addition to formulating your plans for this year that you also think about years to come.

Be specific when you dream big. Is your dream to expand your business into other markets? Do you want to sell your business one day? Financial results are not typically on the top of the list of big dreamers.

They are more focused on the things they can do to achieve their dream than the short-term profit and loss statement. They are more focused on planting the seeds that will begin to blossom in years to come.

Dreaming big is not a childhood fantasy. It’s a small business owner’s opportunity to go from ordinary to extraordinary by thinking and acting differently and following their dream. If you feel you’ve limited your potential by limiting your dreams, you’re probably right.

Dream Big…All Things Are Possible.

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