Don’t hit police officers directing traffic



It really shouldn’t be too hard – don’t hit police officers. Don’t run them over and don’t attack them. They don’t take kindly to it and neither do the courts.

As it turns out, this logic is lost on some people.

Last week, there was a nasty car accident on Haynes Bridge Road near where it intersects North Point Parkway. I happened to be headed through that way and was caught up in the delay as police, firefighters and other emergency crews tried to clear it all while directing the endless traffic around them.

My journey was delayed by 5 minutes, tops. Alpharetta police are fairly good at directing endless amounts of traffic – sometimes I think traffic congestion is one of North Fulton’s largest resources.

According to one police officer at the scene, one motorist stuck in the jam pulled up beside one of the officers directing traffic and began venting his frustration at the holdup.

This motorist allegedly said, “no one is going to hit a police officer.”

But this happens quite a bit.

According to FBI numbers, in 2012, four police officers were killed in automobile accidents, two of which when hit by other vehicles.

There are no numbers of officers struck by a vehicle who were simply injured.

It takes skills and not a little bravery to stand in the middle of busy traffic, hoping people notice you and choose to drive around you — instead of through you.

Every time there is a concert at the Verizon Amphitheatre, there are always incidents by irresponsible motorists who choose to drink and then drive – on their way out, there is typically at least one who forgets to avoid the officer directing traffic.

As far as I know, there have been no collisions, but several near-misses.

For this accident last week, it wasn’t too bad on traffic – a slight delay. It’s nothing to get upset about. Chill out people. Such inconveniences are not worth stressing over or rushing and causing an accident. It could be worse, you could be the reason the traffic is backed up. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and everyone will have a happier time.

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