‘Don’t Tase me bro!’ Milton Locals get zapped by cops

Part of citizen academy lessons



MILTON, Ga. – Three brave Milton residents participating in the Milton Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy volunteered to be Tased Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Milton Lt. Travis Parker and Officer Christopher Ward secured resident Melissa Rogers, Jonathan Ng and City Councilman Burt Hewitt as Officer Ara Baronian shot them each with a Taser.

“I was really scared,” Rogers said after. “But it wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

Ng said it wasn’t what he expected either, and Hewitt said it was almost relaxing.

“After the initial shock, it was almost sort of relaxing, but I was most worried about the hooks being removed,” Hewitt said.

Participants in the Citizens’ Police Academy learn the specifics of what the Milton Police Department does from shooting, looking for DUI drivers to using Tasers and the down and dirty of police procedure.

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