Do you have a mobile sales team?



Are your sales professionals equipped with technology that makes them as effective and efficient out of the office as in the office?

There are significant benefits you’ll realize by having a mobile salesforce, and at the top of the list is getting more business.

Recent studies have shown that mobile sales reps are much more likely to achieve their sales goals.

Why? Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application on a mobile device shortens the sales cycle. Sales professionals have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Because a mobile sales resource has instant access to information, they are more responsive to their customers.

They also can get answers to questions they have much more quickly than returning to their office and logging on to their computer.

Mobility provides not only a more efficient way to work your territory or manage your accounts, but also a more effective way.

With access to documents, client information and pipeline data, sales professionals can get more done each day.

A mobile sales team also collaborates more often.

Sharing of information and analytical insights can provide the whole team with best practices as well as advice for specific situations.

The major benefit of having a mobile sales team is very simple. They are more productive. And a more productive sales team will help you to better grow your small business.

BUS 04-30-14

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