Disk golf, area's new favorite sport

Wills Park in Alpharetta has an 18 hole course



ALPHARETTA, Ga. —Golf and Frisbee are two sports many Americans like playing, but when combined, they create a sport that is the next big thing.

Disk golf is a game where players attempt to throw their disk at a target. The sport has become more popular in the Alpharetta area, especially at Wills Park, 11925 Wills Road.

Every Wednesday the park holds a tournament where players pay $14 to play and an extra dollar goes into the ‘ace fund.’ The fund is for any player who makes a hole-in-one, or an ace, and they win the whole pot, which has inflated to $350 before.

Cody Barwig of Alpharetta said he tries to play as frequently as he can.

“It’s my new hobby and addiction,” said Barwig. “I’d probably drive 30 minutes to play if I had to.”

While in high school, Barwig had friends who competed in disk golf tournaments and gave him a few disks. Once Barwig realized how close it was to his house, he started playing.

How to play the sport isn’t too difficult, said Barwig.

“Disk golf is exactly like regular golf, but instead of using a club to hit balls, you use your hands and throw a disk, just like you would any other Frisbee,” said Barwig. “Disk golf disks are a lot smaller and are more aerodynamic. You can throw a lot farther and they go faster.”

Barwig compares the disk to a golf club, but said that you don’t have to know much about golf to play an enjoy it.

The basic rules aren’t what keeps Barwig from playing every day. He said he enjoys the difficult aspects of the sport.

“It’s really challenging and there are a lot of different types of disks you can throw,” said Barwig. “There are a lot of different things you can learn, and every time I go out there I find something different I can do.”

The cost of playing also draws players to the game.

“It’s basically free, all you have to buy is one disk and that could cost you only $8,” said Barwig. “It’s a lot of fun and pretty easy to pick up and play.”

Cooper Cross, 15, of Marietta said he likes how easy it is to play.

“I like that it’s outdoors and doesn’t cost too much,” said Cross.

The outdoor aspect favored by Barwig as well.

“It’s almost like hiking with an objective,” said Barwig. “You’re out in the woods and you’re hiking, jumping over steams. You’re outside, it’s a mini adventure.”

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This was published in the July 17 issue of the Milton Herald.

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