Detroit pair caught using fake cards in Alpharetta

Tried to buy numerous iPhones



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Two Michigan men were arrested in Alpharetta May 17 after allegedly using fake credit cards to buy Apple iPhones.

Employees of the Apple store told police Charles Kendricks, 18, and Darrick McConnell, 26, both of Detroit, Michigan, came into the store and attempted to buy two new iPhones each. The gift cards they presented were fake, said the employees. The store loss prevention worker said he recognized the men from the Dunwoody Apple store a few days earlier where they had allegedly used fake cards to buy four phones.

Both Kendricks and McConnell were taken into custody by police and escorted from the store. According to police, they never questioned why they were being held.

Apple employees told the men that if they returned the stolen Dunwoody phones, the theft charges would be dropped. The men eventually found a friend who would bring the phones to the store.

Both were arrested for credit card fraud.

“We are seeing more and more of this type of crime – of credit cards being forged,” said Jennifer Howard, of the Alpharetta Public Safety Department. “People are coming down from New York, New Jersey and in this case Detroit, and using manufactured credit cards to obtain goods they can then sell. Store managers are getting keen to this crime and calling us when the criminals are in the store.”

MH 05-28-14

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