Designing Dreams: Family gets new $20K master bath, bedroom Rooms redone thanks to charity



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – With a gasp and a cry of “Oh my gosh,” Alpharetta resident Terri Wylie took her first look at her newly decorated bathroom and bedroom Dec. 11. Both rooms were completely redecorated pro bono thanks to the Designing Dreams charity.

“Everything is so beautiful,” Wylie said. “It’s so different from what it’s been for a long time. It’s hard to believe.”

The Wylie family has lived in their Alpharetta home since 2000. Wylie herself suffers from multiple sclerosis and has difficulty moving around. Her husband, Kevin, an active volunteer in the community and her primary caretaker, died in October 2012. Since then, it has been just Wylie and her three children.

The master bathroom was in dire need of an update. Daughter Erin said the worst thing about the bathroom were the cabinets.

“They wouldn’t move, you couldn’t put anything in them,” she said.

Instead, everything had to be placed on the counters, cluttering them.

The bathroom was completely remodeled by Allison Havill Todd Interiors and Designing Dreams, a Forsyth-based nonprofit that helps one family each year with a room that needs a facelift.

Designing Dreams was started by Todd in 2009.

“I had the idea in the middle of the night. [In 2009], the economy was not at its peak,” Todd said. “Everyone was surrounded by negativity. This is something to give us all a positive to focus on.”

Fundraisers are held each year to support the remodeling and redecorating for one lucky family.

Wylie’s bathroom and bedroom makeover is worth $20,000, Todd said.

“We met with the recipient to understand what her needs are,” she said. “Then we go over colors, accessibility and storage needs. We do as much as we can with our funds and donations.

“It continues to grow,” Todd said. “I hope to continue it each year.”

After careful planning, it took two weeks of work to finish the project. For all this time, Wylie was not allowed into her bathroom, so it would be kept a surprise.

Todd redid the bathroom with all new cabinets, counters, mirrors and frames and a walk-in bathtub. In the bedroom, there is a new dresser, along with artwork, lighting and window treatments.

“You can’t believe what this means,” Wylie said. “It’s absolutely amazing.”

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