Decision for make-up days left to Fulton School Board

Charter status allows flexibility for systems on ‘seat time’



ATLANTA – Between the day off for extreme temperatures in early January and the three-day break for snow last week, students in Fulton Schools are looking at potentially making up four days of school by the end of the school year.

The decision of if and when students will be required to make up days lost to weather, however, will be made by the Fulton County Board of Education.

Samantha Evans, communications director for the Fulton School System, explained the system’s charter status waives it of many state requirements, including the requirement that students be in school for the equivalent of 180 days.

Previously, systems built in weather days to the calendar and made up any days that went beyond the allotment.

“[Now] there are no days built in for snow days,” said Evans. “We do not have any seat time requirements. Staff is considering its options and will be presenting a recommendation to the [school] board. Our charter status allows the board to make the final decision.”

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