Dear Dr. Joan,



Dear Dr. Joan,

Pediatricians are baby doctors, right? I have a 15 year old son named Jacob. He has not seen his doctor since he got his last set of shots at 11 years. Can he still see his pediatrician or does he need to see “a big doctor" now?


Wondering in Cumming

Dear Wondering,

Jacob should normally be seeing his primary care doctor on a regular basis for his yearly checkups. Fifteen years is not too old to see a pediatrician. Actually, pediatricians are trained to take care of children from newborn all the way through their college years. Since his pediatrician has seen and taken care of Jacob since he was small, he will be the best person to take care of him during the college years when his visits to the doctor are less frequent. He has known him since an infant and would be better able to provide care. It is advantageous for him to see someone who has a good knowledge of his medical history. Once he gets a job and really starts out on his own, finding a family practitioner or internist to take care of his health needs would be best.

Dr. Joan Ifarindee

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