David Belle Isle Runs for Alpharetta Mayor



David Belle Isle

Age: 36

Occupation: Business Owner/Attorney

Political experience: Alpharetta City Council

Education: BBA, University of Georgia; JD, Georgia State University; MBA, Georgia State University

Family: Wife Candice and children Colton (8) and Kayley (6).

Election website: www.votebelleisle.com

Why I am running for mayor: In this space, I was given up to 300 words to state why I’m running for mayor. In truth, I would run for one word alone – Downtown. But the challenges we face as a city and the leadership we need far exceed a single word.

Here in Alpharetta, we have a great story to tell. But, things are different now than they were 10 and 20 years ago. We have a new economy, new competition and pressures to urbanize.

The natural stream of events, trends and challenges will not take Alpharetta where we want to go. The city cannot rest on its laurels and neither can our next mayor. Rather, our next mayor must have a clear picture as to what could and should be for Alpharetta and the fire-in-the-belly to take us there. Here’s my picture:

1. It starts with Downtown. We must invest in the creation of a vibrant village-style downtown with restaurants, shops and galleries. Add a community stage, tree-lined streets and pedestrian pathways. Additionally, we must work to preserve our existing heritage and character by making Main Street ours and re-designating Hwy. 9 over to Ga. 400 or Westside Pkwy.

2. It continues with our local economy. We must leverage the virtues of Alpharetta and our newly revitalized downtown to sustain our employer base and keep our home values strong. We must be intentional and resist the temptation to increase density, apartments and mass transit.

3. It further continues with the stewardship of our roads. Technology can increase our traffic efficiency by up to 18 percent by synchronizing traffic signals with real-time information.

In our next mayor, we need more than resumes and long voting records. We need a mayor with a record of leadership. Even good plans require great efforts to see them through.

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