Daves Creek development approved for 247 homes



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. – Forsyth County Commissioners approved 247 homes off Daves Creek Drive during their Aug. 15 regular meeting.

The vote to rezone the property from agricultural to residential was 3-2 with Commissioners Brian Tam and Vice Chairman Commissioner Jim Boff opposed.

The contentious 88 Daves Creek development on the north side of Daves Creek Drive across from Daves Creek Lane on 83 acres is surrounded by a quarry property on three sides and close to the Windermere community. Several residents have voiced concerns of increased noise, pollution and increased traffic. The original zoning request was for 378 units, but the number was reduced by the applicant after community unrest.

Pat Malaney, a Bluegrass Materials representative, said the quarry off Ronald Reagan Boulevard was purchased from Lafarge in March, but the property has roots in quarry work that date to the late 1950s.

The quarry is a 568-acre facility that employs 150 people, where granite is drilled and blasted to make crushed stone used for roads, buildings and construction. It also operates the quarry with two asphalt companies.

“We have worked hard to be responsible,” Malaney said, adding that his company “supports development, especially construction.”

Malaney said the 88 Daves Creek development is placing the future residential community near heavy industrial operations.

The quarry site is expected to produce noise, dust and vibration, Malaney said. He asked the developers to put up mitigation screens to keep out noise and trespassers.

One of the conditions for approval included the developer needs to disclose to potential purchasers the property is adjacent to an active quarry.

Malaney had asked the issue be delayed until his requests were addressed.

Another nearby neighbor said there was community concern about deforestation of the proposed property, which they say could cause a health hazard because carbon dioxide and dust released from the quarry could go into the air instead of being filtered by trees.

Commissioner Todd Levent said the zoning conditions for the quarry property are very strict and they must abide by state regulation to keep toxicity within their property, or they face being shut down.

“I’m wondering if there are airborne tests done, or is this speculation on what this dust can cause and if they are doing it, they should stop it,” Levent said. “If there is a problem, it needs to be handled. If it’s a farce, it’s not right.”


§  Approved 4-0, with Commission Chairman Pete Amos recusing because the land belongs to his sister-in-law, rezoning 47 acres from agricultural to single family to allow for 80 residential lots along Trammell Road at the intersection of Daves Creek Drive and Castleton Manor.


§  Commissioners unanimously approved a conditional use permit to Midway Community Church in Alpharetta for a 6,300-square-foot accessory building for an existing worship facility on 12-acre property currently zoned agricultural.


§  Unanimously approved a conditional use permit for a Verizon Wireless 160-foot monopole (150-foot cell tower with 10-foot lightning rod), on property currently zoned industrial at 2520 Jake Drive in Cumming near Canton Highway and Bethelview Road.


§  Approved 4-1, with Boff opposed citing health concerns, an agricultural zoning for a commercial horse stable called Brecht Stables on Concord Road in the northwest part of the county.

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