DUI driver fled the scene at Taco Bell/KFC restaurant on State Bridge Road



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – An alleged DUI driver fled the scene of an accident Oct. 12 after failing to get his Taco Bell food order and hitting another vehicle.

The victim told police he was in the drive-thru of the Taco Bell/ KFC restaurant on State Bridge Road at 4:45 p.m. when he was struck from behind by another vehicle. The drivers exchanged insurance information, however, when the victim said he was calling the police, the suspect, Daniel Lee Von Lauer, 48, of Harvest Ridge Lane, Alpharetta, put his car in park, got out and walked into the restaurant. He then fled on foot.

According to the registration of Von Lauer’s vehicle, he lives a half-mile from the store. When police arrived, they spoke with Von Lauer’s mother. When she called for Von Lauer to come out to speak with police, he allegedly called from a bedroom, “tell them I’m not here.”

Von Lauer was put through sobriety tests and failed them. He was arrested for hit and run and DUI.

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