Cue52 helps children discover their artistic passion



CUMMING, Ga. — Jana and Kevin Jackson didn’t plan on opening a creative arts school for children, but with a little faith and prayer, they realized it was what God planned for them.

The couple owns Cue52, a Cumming-based school that offers classes in film, singing, acting, photography, dance, computer animation and graphic design. Each class gives children a taste of what careers in these entail.

Instructors are professionals in each industry and provide a hands-on approach to learning.

Students in the film class recently developed a 15-minute film from start to finish.

They wrote it, using a storyboard and did everything from marketing and set design to filming.

“I love being a mom, but something was missing,” Jana Jackson said. “I wanted to do something more, something to help kids.”

Jana and her husband, Kevin, joined a small group with their church called “The Dream Giver,” and that’s when things began to come together, she said.

“The idea is that God gives everyone a dream, and the tools to fulfill it,” Jana said.

The small group helped them realize their dream, and they decided to open a creative arts program for children.

“We wanted Cue52 to be a place where kids could feel comfortable and safe and want to hang out,” she said.

They searched for property, needing a building with an auditorium and classroom space, but also a few extras.

“Ideally, we wanted a coffee shop and an area for kids to just hang out,” Jana said.

They found an old school, but before the closing, they suddenly changed their minds.

“We found what we were looking for, knowing the building would need a lot of work, and we were good to go, but at the last minute, Kevin said he felt this wasn’t the place for us,” she said. “Shortly after, the economy tanked and Kevin lost work. I was a stay-at-home mom. We had no income.”

Jana said if they’d purchased that building, they wouldn’t have had the money to revamp it.

“God had a plan, and we just had to let him show us it,” she said.

She then found the Warehouse, 5095 Post Road in Cumming.

“This place was exactly what we needed,” Jackson said.

Warehouse owners Scott and Cindy LaFevre run a college-aged ministry program from the building.

“We see incredible potential with what Cue52 is doing with young people in the community,” said Cindy LeFevre. “It coincides directly with our vision at the Warehouse to help equip young people for their future, so we are ecstatic about partnering with such a fine program as Cue52.”

The space is perfect, Jana said. The program currently has about 70 students per semester.

“We now have the program we wanted, in the perfect space,” she said. “We wanted Cue52 to be a place where kids could come together and explore their God-given gifts, a place where kids from all walks of life could feel comfortable.”

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