CrossFit workouts driven by community



ROSWELL, Ga. – CrossFit Zanshin gym owner Pete Mongeau said the fitness regimen at his facility is not individual driven — it’s all about community.

Mongeau, head coach of the newly opened CrossFit Zanshin, 1570 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 120, said everyone is involved in the workouts, helping each other achieve and set their goals.

“We make introductions every class, so that everyone knows everyone. There are no headphones or treadmills — if we’re going to run, we run outside, together,” Mongeau said.

And Mongeau said CrossFit is not a typical workout program.

“It’s constant varied functional training for all ages and levels,” Mongeau said. “I have kids who are high school athletes, and then I have clients in their 60s, so it ranges in age and skill ability.”

Mongeau said that working together, in small groups, forces people to step outside of their comfort zones and work harder.

“I designed a program that combines both MMA Striking along with Thai kickboxing, this gives our Athlete's the ability to hit heavy bags in combination

with their CrossFit workout,” he said.

This training caters to emergency first responders, fire department, police and military personnel Mongeau said.

Because community is so important to Mongeau, he gives back by holding a “Community Giveback Day” every Saturday at 10 a.m. that allows those living in the area to receive a free CrossFit workout.

“It adds a personal touch, because community is key in the CrossFit environment,” Mongeau said. “It gives people a place to call home.”

For more information on the gym, visit, call 770-992-9200 or find them on Facebook.

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