Cross found not guilty of DUI

Councilmember exonerated



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Alpharetta Councilmember Michael Cross was found not guilty of DUI Friday Jan. 24.

Fulton County Judge Patsy Porter heard arguments and, within three hours, declared Cross innocent.

“I am understandably happy with the result,” Cross said Friday.

Cross was pulled over Feb. 23 after a witness called police, saying he was driving erratically, possibly drunk. Cross refused to take part in sobriety tests. He was subsequently arrested for DUI.

His young son was in the SUV at the time.

Cross always maintained his innocence.

He said he was with his wife and family the day of his arrest, shuttling children to and from sports and extracurricular activities. Because of this, he and his wife took separate vehicles.

“If there was any possibility that I were impaired whatsoever, she would not have let me drive and she certainly would not have let me drive my son,” Cross said.

He attributed the error to a witness who mistook his vehicle for another one that was allegedly driving drunk. The witness stated he lost sight of the suspect vehicle.

“By the time the [arresting] officer got there he was so convinced something wrong had happened that he was predisposed to making an arrest,” Cross said.

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