Creating great work culture



Does your small business have a great work culture?

Are your employees happy?

Do you get a lot of things done because your culture enables great teamwork?

Is there the proper balance of work and personal time?

Just like you build a new product or develop a new service, you need to do the same with your culture.

Creating a great work culture isn’t easy, but will significantly contribute to your success if you have one.

The first step in achieving a great culture is having the right “tone from the top” with your management team.

If the leadership of the company isn’t “walking the talk” and visually displaying the culture you want, it will never happen.

Employees will mimic the behavior of their managers, so it’s very important to make sure all of your leaders know what is expected of them.

The structure of your organization can also make or break having a great work culture.

Multiple levels of management and the inability for employees to engage upper management with their suggestions and ideas will be a deterrent to having a great culture in your small business.

Hiring the right people and making sure that everyone has fun working is part of creating a great work culture.

Do novel things like setting up a Ping-Pong table or dart board in your office, so when your employees want to take a break they can have some fun.

Creating a great work culture in your small business will help contribute to the success of your small business.

BUS 04-16-15

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