Crabapple Fest draws thousands of visitors

Milton has something for everyone



MILTON, Ga. – From its dusty beginnings in the 1960s to the present day, the first Saturday in October has been a magnet for antiques dealers and artisans to come to Crabapple.

Once again this year, thousands flocked to what is now called Crabapple Fest for the art, the jewelry, the unusual and of course the antiques.

Since the 1960s, tourists have been attracted to the dusty crossroads in Crabapple. There, people could stop at Emory Reeves’ antiques store, which served as the festival headquarters, and talk with Emory and get a Coke in the bottle from his wife Virginia.

The tradition is now well into the 21st century and expanding to include more for folks to see and do.

Sandra Maxim, a Cumming resident who runs her own photography studio, “Thru the Lens,” said this was her third year taking part.

“I love it,” Maxim said. “I’m a regular now. I do it because it’s the best festival around.”

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