Courthouse incurs $4M in ‘unforeseen’ costs

Project still within $100M budget



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — As the courthouse and jail near completion, change orders were submitted amounting to nearly $4 million.

But the project is still on track and within the $100 million overall budget scope.

Project manager Joe Lee, of Carter Goble Lee, told the Forsyth County Jail and Courthouse project team that the change orders were due to “unforeseen conditions” ($1.5 million); construction document design reconciliation ($1.2 million) and enhancements ($1.3 million).

The project remains within the approved budget, Lee told the courthouse/jail team at their June 10 meeting.

As far as construction, there were 16 working days added at no cost to the courthouse schedule due to weather.

“We’ve had one of the wettest year-and-a-half that we’ve had in a long, long time,” Lee said.

The jail construction has been delayed by 54 days due to the high water table and the dewatering system installation, Lee said.

The inmate housing construction will move up, so that the overall jail move-in dates remain on schedule.

“We are going to move up construction of the housing units, and we will train in the housing units in the jail,” Lee said.

Other cost increases were due to adding an offsite sanitary relief sewer and unsuitable soil near existing jail.

Another large expense was changing the air conditioning system ($200,000) and adding improvements to Mason Street.

Mayor H. Ford Gravitt requested the $3,998,061 in change orders be provided by line item.

“We have to take everybody’s word for it; we get no comps,” Gravitt said. “That’s why we want a line-item break down.”

FH 06-18-14

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