Country store gets public hearing set for Feb. 20 in Milton

Landowners want to rezone property from agricultural to historical



MILTON, Ga. — Milton City Council members will hear the case for Milton’s first official historically zoned property at their next meeting on Feb. 20.

The council voted unanimously to consider rezoning the former Hardeman Country Store at 15260 Hopewell Road.

Three weeks ago, the issue was first brought up by Reunion Park and approved at the Milton Planning Commission meeting.

“We looked at it this week, so everybody can know that this will be discussed,” Councilman Matt Kunz said. “Everything will come to a head at our next meeting. This is something that’s been in the works for a long time.”

The council will field public comment and vote Feb. 20 on the zoned property.

The land is currently zoned as agricultural, but if approved, the property could be protected under a historical zoning, allowing the landowners to restore the property to its original state.

“They are looking to taking it back to being a general store,” Public Works Director Carter Lucas said.

Kunz said that there are a couple of components to this zoning issue.

“It’s in a unique position,” Kunz said. “It does have some historical aspects to it. What kind of use are we going to get out of that property?

“Also, how do we make it a structure that can be safe? How will it fit the theme and spirit of the city in that area and not ultimately become commercial-esque? Those are the questions we’ll look at Feb. 20,” he said.

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