Councilmember Stewart disavows Johns Creek Council’s reply



Once again, this City Council has published a statement without contacting me. This council does not speak for me.

Let the one without sin cast the first stone. I find it curious that this council wants to investigate the mayor for improper use of his phone, yet every member of this council has used their personal phones to contact me, and I have used my personal phone to contact them. All seven of us have done this.

As for the comment that the cost of this investigation should be laid at the mayor’s feet, I disagree. The cost of this should really be a campaign expenditure of Bev Miller’s, because that is the whole purpose for this investigation – to assassinate the character of one person for the benefit of another.

This council does not speak to me; they did not consult me. And clearly by them leaving me out, it shows how premeditated, orchestrated and manipulated this political probe is.

If there has been wrongdoing for seven years, then why only now are they asking for this investigation?

They have no right to speak on my behalf. If they want to make statements, they need to make them under their own names and not representative of the City Council. I do not want to be lumped in with this Mickey Mouse investigation.

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